Durham Herald-Sun Sat July 18,1998 page A14

Why children kill

Why are children killing? Did this gen-
eration suddenly gain access to weapons
for the first time in history? Is it the weap-
on that does the killing, or is it the mind
that tells the hand to pull the trigger?
When a drunk driver is caught, do we
blame the car? When there is a knifing, do
we blame the knife?

This is why children are murdering:
They do it because their parents are sitting
them down in front of TV sets and in movie
theaters, where they learn to kill. It has be-
come a normal part of their life and

Our society has sown the wind. Biblical
morality has been cast aside. Most so-
called "churches" barely resemble the re-
ligion described in the Book of Acts.

Combine a spiritual vacuum at home
with emotional upheaval from premature,
illicit relationships (not to mention drugs),
and you have one volatile situation. Our
children are only doing what they are
taught to do. STEVE WINTER

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