Durham Herald-Sun Sunday June 13 1999 Page A 18
Durham, NC


Our living monument to
moral deterioration

We read of some very tragic events in

several government schools recently that
paint a picture of horror that I will not claim
to even be able to relate to, as I'm sure
that many of us also cannot.

However, in none of these recent horrific
events does the horror rise to the level of
even one tiny nuclear bomb exploding in the
vicinity of a schoolyard.  I remember the
Cold War and the nuclear attack drills in the

In our White House we see a living
monument to the moral and spiritual deterio-
ration in this country that has also brought to
us such things as the recent violence at
several government schools.

In that same White House we also find the
very top of his political party who traded the
highest of our country's nuclear security
secrets to a communist regime for a few
campaign contributions.

When you hear your president and his
party exploiting the blood of the victims of
moral deterioration to advance their agenda
against our Second Amendment, stop and
think about what a small American-designed,
high quality nuclear warhead would do to an
American school yard and ask yourself
where the real problem is.

                                  STEVE WINTER

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