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I hereby request a username and password for the "Oneness Christians Only" audio section of the PreRapture website.   

This list is real names only.   We do not display the email address to the group but we do require the real name of the individual participant.

I agree that I will not give this password to anyone else or allow anyone but other Oneness Christians to listen to these audio files. 

Please check the appropriate boxes and complete this form

I have obeyed Acts 2:38 and am a Oneness Pentecostal Christian 
living for Jesus
Check Box if true.

I have been water baptized in Jesus Name and have spoken
 in other tongues like in the Bible
Check Box if true.

If you cannot affirm the above, read the book of Acts and find a Church that measures up.

My name is (Full Name please)

My email address is:
You MUST provide a valid email address like in order for us to
email you a password.   Double check this entry it is the only way we have to 
contact you!  
We are getting some really nice comments from Brethren and then 
can't send the password because they didn't bother to put their email address correctly.  

My city and state is

The name of my Church is

Please use this space to convince me that you are an Acts 2:38 Oneness Christian and for any other comments:
Please do not try to leave this area blank. Tell us something about yourself please.

If you are a pastor or minister check here.